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Why Ford Escorts Should Never Be Googled

This is a story about an innocent man, a true story about a friend of mine, who happened to be a big fan of the iconic Ford Escort motorcar. Daryl, let’s call him Daryl to protect his identity in real life, Daryl had loved these pocket rockets since he was a young boy. You see, Daryl’s dad drove a Ford Escort for many years when Daryl was growing up. Daryl’s dad, Nigel, had an olive green Escort with a white GT stripe down the middle of the car. Spoiler and mag wheels with chrome inserts. You get the picture, a real man’s car.

Why Ford Escorts Should Never Be Googled

This car made a big impression on Daryl; and he was always looking to find the same model and paint job. Daryl would search all the car ads in the weekend newspapers religiously. He never missed a weekend; and scoured those ads with a fine tooth comb. There were plenty of Ford Escorts for sale back in the day; but he never found the exact match. Then when the Internet came in and car listings moved from the newspapers to online, Daryl bought himself a Commodore 64 and continued his search in the digital sphere.

Now Daryl had a cute girlfriend called Myfanwy, everybody called her Miffy, and he loved that chick like crazy. Every Friday night they would go bowling together and then onto a club called Larry’s. They were as thick as thieves, and everybody expected them to get married and stuff. Well, all of a sudden things started to get weird between Daryl and Miffy. People would see them out and they would be staring daggers at each other and unkind words started to flow between them. Nobody knew what the problem was and nobody liked to ask.

Eventually, Miffy flew the coop, just packed up all her stuff one day and left town. Daryl was gutted, he stopped going out and became a recluse. After about half a year. I bumped into Daryl in the street and he told me over a few drinks what had happened. Miffy had seen all these searches for escorts and had thought that they were for the other type of escorts, you know the ones without four wheels. Which is why Ford Escorts should never be Googled. The Internet is an electronic record of everything we do and if some people don’t know you as well as you may think they do, it can get you into trouble like Daryl. He drives a Toyota Corolla today.