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The Information Super Highway

The digital age of computers has unleashed an information super highway, which threatens many of our old customs and traditions. We have seen the clashes between secretive governments and ‘so called’ subversive hackers cum freedom fighters, via things like Wikileaks and the Snowden situation. Those who believe in openness and freedom of information for all are pitted against the old school cold warriors, who consider such ideals as complete poppycock. The information super highway is making the canon of human knowledge available to those who wish to access it. Faster download speeds and unlimited data deals are making vast amounts of information available for instant transfers.

The Immense Value of All This Knowledge & Information

Meanwhile, the greater majority of human beings go around with their heads buried in the sand. Many cannot perceive the immense value of all this knowledge and information. People need to be taught how to think for themselves and how to utilise data and information. For most of us it is not an innate skill. Social commentators bemoan the paucity of females studying the hard sciences in the same way they identify the imbalance in the percentage of women becoming butchers and plumbers. Gender diversity theory has become so prevalent that some ignore the reality of situations.

There Are No Real Shortcuts

Solid structures need to be built beneath this flow of data, this sea of information, if it is to become grounded in productivity. The framework is as important as the ideas, which may be at the heart of innovation and technological advances. How do we encourage and support more of us embracing this reservoir of knowledge? How do we ensure that we do not waste this opportunity? These questions are paramount to our success all over the planet. There are no real shortcuts when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Teach Children How to Learn Themselves

Positive futures are only possible if we get this right. The information super highway is here and everybody needs to ask themselves, am I taking advantage of this amazing opportunity? Answers in the negative must be spurs to greater efforts in this regard. Our education systems must be completely overhauled, and the outdated stuff jettisoned. Let’s not have our kids wasting their time and our money on outdated modes of learning. We need to teach children how to learn themselves. Teach them how to think for themselves and not, just, blindly follow orders.